250th Mass Shooting in 2019 Leaves 9 Dead in Dayton

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250th Mass Shooting 9 Dead in Dayton ... 29 Dead This Weekend

8/4/2019 7:23 AM PT 1,439

Shots rang out in Dayton, Ohio early Sunday Morning leaving 9 people dead and dozens injured, just hours after another mass shooting that slaughtered 20 ... all at the hands of 2 crazy people with assault rifles.

A lone gunman used what appears to be an AR-15 assault rifle and opened fire at around 1 AM in the City's crowded nightclub district, and in less than a minute 9 people lay dead on the street, and at least 26 injured.

Police responded quickly and shot and killed the shooter, who wore body armor.

This follows Saturday's massacre at a Walmart store in El Paso, TX, where a gunman used an assault rifle, opening fire and killing 20 and critically wounding many others.

President Trump sent prayers via twitter, but what he did NOT do is call for a ban of assault rifles, which is the weapon of choice for mass shooters. BTW ... assault rifles have a singular purpose ... to kill people. Don't be fooled otherwise, despite the BS you hear from the NRA. They try to tell you the 2nd Amendment gives Americans an absolute right to bear arms, but it's just false. Even the First Amendment -- which says there shall be no law restricting freedom of speech -- is not absolute.

The problem ... the NRA has bought off enough politicians to the point they won't do the right and sane thing ... ban assault rifles. People have a right to own guns, but not every weapon is legal and assault rifles have no place in this society.

This year alone, 293 people have been massacred in mass shootings ... 1072 have been injured.


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